News Jun 24, 2021
This Just In: Iceland Naturally to Merge With Inspired by Iceland All of the content you know and love will now exist on the Inspired by Iceland website!
News Jun 24, 2021
Icelandair Takes Steps to Reduce the Airline’s Environmental Footprint This Iceland-based airline reduces its annual use of disposable plastic by 20 tons
Food & Drink May 26, 2021
Cool Down This Summer With Recipes Featuring Icelandic Goods Try the Barbacoa Lamb Tacos, Krímí Mixed Berry Skyrsicle and Icelandic Mule for a tasty evening meal.
Nature & Environment May 15, 2021
Learn About Lake Laugarvatn on Iceland’s South Coast Explore the area’s strong traditions and unique resources.
Food & Drink May 10, 2021
Celebrate Warmer Weather with Icelandic’s Sun-in-a-Cup Smoothie Blend up bright fruit with Icelandic’s Wild Fish Oil smoothie booster for a tasty snack.
Products & Services May 06, 2021
Explore Arts and Activities in Grundarfjordur This small Icelandic town holds many avenues for artistic exploration.
Literature May 04, 2021
Now Available: the 2021 Edition of Books from Iceland! The Icelandic Literature Center announced the new annual booklet which includes Icelandic literary works from the past year.
Products & Services Apr 29, 2021
Discover the Magic of East Iceland with the Austurland App Discounts, destinations and more can now be easily found in the palm of your hand.
Products & Services Apr 28, 2021
Try Blue Lagoon’s New Lava Scrub Mask Made of Blue Lagoon Silica, Lava, and Seawater Designed to exfoliate and renew the skin, this black, volcanic face mask energizes the face and evens skin tones to promote a smooth and fortified complexion.
Nature & Environment Apr 27, 2021
Pink Iceland plans the first wedding at an active volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula Adventurous couples are flocking to Iceland for a wedding unlike any other.
Music & Art Apr 26, 2021
Artists in Conversation: Updates from the Icelandic Art Center Check out conversations with Icelandic Art Prize winners and other unique Icelandic artists!
Food & Drink Apr 25, 2021
Reinvent your Favorite Childhood Strawberry Milkshake with Icelandic Provisions! Try the Strawberry Rhubarb Krimi Skyr Milkshake.
Food & Drink Apr 20, 2021
Reyka Vodka Presents New Series “An Island Away” Exploring the Icelandic Way of Life Each episode will focus on Icelandic culture, cuisine and cocktails.
Music & Art Apr 19, 2021
An Intro to the Creative Arts in Iceland Learn more about Icelandic art, culture, and history with our exclusive series featuring artists and museum directors throughout Iceland.
Music & Art Apr 08, 2021
Get to Know Áskell Thorisson, Icelandic Photographer, Journalist and More Check out a Q&A about his life and work in Iceland.
Business & Government Apr 07, 2021
Keflavík Airport Awarded the 2020 Airport Service Quality Award The ASQ award is given for exemplary hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Products & Services Apr 06, 2021
Drangar Country Guesthouse is an Award-winning Accommodation in West Iceland! Studio Granda won the Icelandic Design Award 2020 for the location
Nature & Environment Apr 06, 2021
Explore the South Coast Lighthouse Trail! The travel route immerses visitors in rich Icelandic history, culture, and nature.
Literature Apr 04, 2021
Icelandic Literature Expands Translations to Numerous Languages Worldwide! The Icelandic Literature Center recently announced that 87 grants have been allocated for translations of Icelandic literary works into 28 languages.
Nature & Environment Apr 01, 2021
Enjoy a Virtual Tour of Iceland’s Arctic Coast Way Júlli the Tour Guide takes viewers on an 11-day tour of North Iceland’s greatest sights