Landsvirkjun, The National Power Company of Iceland

Iceland is one of the few countries in the world to generate all its energy from renewable sources such as water, geothermal energy and wind power.

Landsvirkjun is owned by the Icelandic state and generates and supplies two thirds of the electricity in Iceland. We operate fourteen hydropower stations and two geothermal stations across the country, within five operational areas. The latest addition to Iceland’s fleet of hydropower stations is the Búðarháls Hydropower Station, which began operations in March 2014.

Landsvirkjun was originally founded to service the aluminum smelting industry and today has an increasing number of customers in diverse power intensive industries including ferro silicon, steel recycling, data centers and more.

Landsvirkjun’s vision for the future is to be a progressive international energy company within the field of renewable energy. There are 250 employees at Landsvirkjun and each one is committed to making Landsvirkjun a leader in the sustainable use and sale of renewable energy sources.


Our mission and objectives

At Landsvirkjun, our role is to maximise the potential yield and value of the natural resources we have been entrusted with, in a sustainable, responsible and efficient manner.

Ensuring efficient energy production and development, purposefully building an extensive and diverse client base, and seeking out new business opportunities by connecting with the European energy market are all key factors in fulfilling this role.

Landsvirkjun encourages consensus and support by promoting open and informed communication and is committed to the professional development of its employees. Landsvirkjun’s vision for the future is to become a progressive, international energy company, in the field of renewable energy.