Food & Drink Apr 20, 2021

Reyka Vodka Presents New Series “An Island Away” Exploring the Icelandic Way of Life

Each episode will focus on Icelandic culture, cuisine and cocktails.

Want to learn more about the land of fire and ice and the life of Icelanders right from home? Thanks to Reyka Vodka’s new video series, “An Island Away,” now you can! The series explores different themes of Icelandic life and highlights some of Reyka’s favorite Icelandic-inspired cocktails, like martinis, screwdrivers and more, along the way. Check out the series today on YouTube.

The first episode, “Dark & Cold,” dives into the lack of sunlight in Iceland during the winter and how it affects daily life, food, and cocktails. The episode features Reyka’s special recipe for a Highball with beetroot and coffee bean soda. Icelandic cuisine featured in the episode is dung-smoked cod roe with onions. The episode is hosted by Trevor Schneider, the National Reyka Vodka Ambassador and a past Taste of Iceland cocktail class host! As national ambassador, Trevor travels the country educating, training, and entertaining the masses in an effort to share the story of Reyka Vodka. Check out the episode here to learn how to make each recipe!

The second episode discusses the history and mythology of Icelandic Elves & Trolls! Viewers will also learn how to make the Peace Offering cocktail! Check it out here or below:

Episode three discusses smoke from the earth and includes a cocktail that pairs perfectly with any smoked food. Let us know what you think about the Rowanberry Sour! View the episode here or below:


Reyka Vodka is uniquely made not only in Iceland, but of Iceland. The vodka is crafted in a carter-head still, one of the few in use throughout the world today. The high copper levels from the carter-still give the vodka its unparalleled smoothness. Next, Icelandic lava rocks are used to filter the vodka, giving it a clean and crisp taste in each sip. Reyka is then distilled in small batches by Icelanders in the coastal village of Borgarnes. These small batches ensure exceptional quality, the Icelandic way.

From espresso martinis to Icelandic mules and more, checkout the Reyka website for the best Icelandic-inspired recipes.