News Jun 24, 2021

This Just In: Iceland Naturally to Merge With Inspired by Iceland

All of the content you know and love will now exist on the Inspired by Iceland website!

On July 1, Iceland Naturally will formally merge with our long-time partners, Inspired by Iceland, the official export brand for Iceland, to keep you even more connected with Iceland.

The same content that you know and love will now be available on the Inspired by Iceland website,, keeping you up to date with Icelandic culture, music, art, events, and more. 

To continue following Icelandic news and receiving special offers and prizes, we encourage you to follow Inspired by Iceland on Instagram (@inspiredbyiceland) and Twitter (@Iceland). If you already follow Iceland Naturally on Facebook, you do not need to do anything – this page will automatically turn into Inspired by Iceland. 

Be sure to re-subscribe to the Icelander newsletter using this link to continue receiving monthly updates and giveaways from Inspired by Iceland. 

If you have any questions, please fill out this form, We look forward to continuing to bring you the best of Icelandic culture right to your home!