Products & Services May 06, 2021

Explore Arts and Activities in Grundarfjordur

This small Icelandic town holds many avenues for artistic exploration.

The small town of Grundarfjordur, located in West Iceland, is brimming with artists, designers, and coffee shops. Check out these must-visit spots in this quaint, unique town:

Græna kompaníið  (The Green Company) 

This small coffee shop is about more than just coffee. Græna kompaníið has an atmosphere that every visitor will enjoy, with delicious baked goods from homemade cakes to muffins and more. The Green Company also offers the latest books from the country’s publishers and yarn for purchase. 

Ingas Kunst

Just next door is Ingas Kunst, an Icelandic illustrator and crafts artist. Inga makes beautiful oil paintings, ceramic objects and illustrations and offers courses in ceramics, painting and drawing. The independent artist was originally born in Grundarfjörður and moved to Norway to study art. Now, she has brought the skills she learned abroad back to her hometown and into her shop.

Lúlli Liston

Not far from Inga’s Kunst is folk artist Lúlli Liston’s shop, featuring his stone sculptures and various crafts. Liston’s creations are incredibly detailed and unique to his style of design. 


Krums, at the mainstreet on the way to the Kirkjufell mountain, is a modern design craft shop that uses various old Icelandic patterns from previous centuries. Krums sells everything from jewelry to woodcrafts and more.

Check out more of the Grundarfjörður’s attractions on the town’s website.