Food & Drink May 26, 2021
Cool Down This Summer With Recipes Featuring Icelandic Goods Try the Barbacoa Lamb Tacos, Krímí Mixed Berry Skyrsicle and Icelandic Mule for a tasty evening meal.
Food & Drink May 10, 2021
Celebrate Warmer Weather with Icelandic’s Sun-in-a-Cup Smoothie Blend up bright fruit with Icelandic’s Wild Fish Oil smoothie booster for a tasty snack.
Food & Drink Apr 25, 2021
Reinvent your Favorite Childhood Strawberry Milkshake with Icelandic Provisions! Try the Strawberry Rhubarb Krimi Skyr Milkshake.
Food & Drink Apr 20, 2021
Reyka Vodka Presents New Series “An Island Away” Exploring the Icelandic Way of Life Each episode will focus on Icelandic culture, cuisine and cocktails.
Food & Drink, Nature & Environment Mar 31, 2021
The Icelandic Lambwich, “Flatkaka,” is the Perfect Volcano Watching Snack As Icelanders seek a glimpse of the Geldingardalur volcano, traditional “flatkaka” provides a boost of energy and a great taste.
Food & Drink Feb 02, 2021
Celebrate Valentine’s Day With a Pretty in Pink Smoothie Bowl Icelandic Wild Fish Oil’s “Pretty in Pink” smoothie recipe is an easy breakfast option to start your day healthy.
Food & Drink Nov 25, 2020
Welcome Winter with Recipes from Icelandic! Try out new recipes featuring nutritious Icelandic Fish Oil and Icelandic seafood
Food & Drink Nov 23, 2020
Enjoy an Espresso Martini with an Icelandic Twist this Holiday Season! Mix up this Icelandc-infused classic cocktail.
Food & Drink Nov 19, 2020
Prepare Holiday Lamb the Icelandic Way! Learn the unique and traditional method for preparing holiday lamb.
Food & Drink Nov 03, 2020
Try A New Smoothie Recipe Featuring Icelandic Fish Oil! Wellness blogger and influencer Jovanna Morgan shares a delicious smoothie recipe with a boost!
Food & Drink Nov 03, 2020
Celebrate “Meat Soup Day” with Grandma’s Meat Soup Recipe! See how you can participate in a classic Icelandic tradition!
Food & Drink Oct 02, 2020
Spice up your Breakfast with a Smoothie Featuring Icelandic Fish Oil! Through October, you can get 30% off the Icelandic Smoothie Booster on Amazon.
Food & Drink Oct 02, 2020
Celebrate Fall With a Reyka-Infused Pumpkin Spiced Latte! Add an Icelandic twist to your Pumpkin Spiced Latte with Reyka Vodka
Food & Drink Sep 28, 2020
Now Available: Icelandic Provisions’ New Line of Fruit and Nuts Skyr Check out Icelandic Provisions’ three new fruit and nuts flavors at your local Whole Foods!
Food & Drink Aug 21, 2020
Icelandic’s Wild Fish Oil Smoothie Boosters are 30% Off! Try out a new smoothie recipe with Icelandic’s wild fish oil supplements.
Food & Drink Aug 03, 2020
Try Feed the Viking’s New Lamb Jerky! Feed the Viking is made with the highest quality Icelandic Lamb, beef and cod.
Food & Drink Aug 03, 2020
Icelandic Glacial Launches New Ad Campaign: “You Are What You Drink” Keep an eye out for Icelandic Glacial’s new campaign on your TV!
Food & Drink Jul 20, 2020
Need Some Summer Cocktail Inspiration? Reyka is Here to Help. Reyka Vodka’s cocktail recipes are the perfect way to unwind this summer.
Food & Drink Jul 01, 2020
Congratulations to the 2020 Icelandic Lamb Award of Excellence Winners! Learn more about the diverse group of restaurants honored at this year’s ceremony.
Food & Drink Jun 30, 2020
You Can Now Order Icelandic Glacial’s New Sparkling Water Flavors! Tarocco Blood Orange and Indonesian Lemongrass will be available on July 15.