Reyka Vodka

Pretty much everything we needed to make award-winning vodka was already right here in Iceland. Lucky us. We just had to figure out how to put them all together just right.


When we set out to create the first vodka distillery in Iceland, we chose this unique country for its natural resources and used our 146 years of industry-leading experience to create innovative vodka. We collect arctic spring water from a spring that runs through a 4,000-year-old lava field. The lava rocks naturally filter the water making it some of the purest in the world. The purity of the water allows the flavor of our vodka to shine through. Then our vodka is distilled through a copper Carter-Head Still (one of only six in the world) for an unparalleled smooth taste with just one distillation. And did we mention that our distillery is powered by geo-thermal energy from volcanoes?

Arctic glacial water. Lava rock filtration. A distillery powered by the geo-thermal energy of volcanoes. Reyka’s not just made in Iceland. It’s Made of Iceland.

Please drink Reyka responsibly. Skal! (That’s ‘cheers’ in Icelandic.)