Literature May 04, 2021
Now Available: the 2021 Edition of Books from Iceland! The Icelandic Literature Center announced the new annual booklet which includes Icelandic literary works from the past year.
Literature Apr 04, 2021
Icelandic Literature Expands Translations to Numerous Languages Worldwide! The Icelandic Literature Center recently announced that 87 grants have been allocated for translations of Icelandic literary works into 28 languages.
Literature Feb 23, 2021
Presenting the 2020 Icelandic Literary Prize Winners The prize was awarded in three categories for Fiction, Childrens' and Young Adult, and Non-Fiction
Literature Jan 21, 2021
Icelandic Literature Center Adds New Authors, Translations and Videos to its Website! Learn more about the Center’s newest additions.
Literature Dec 31, 2020
Celebrate Iceland’s 10th year as a UNESCO City of Literature Watch a poetry reading from Gröndalshús to celebrate.
Literature Nov 20, 2020
Translation of Icelandic Literature is Growing Around the World Check out the growing number of books translated by Icelandic authors!
Literature Nov 02, 2020
News from the Icelandic Literature Center Check out the center’s new authors’ website and video!
Literature Jun 25, 2020
Icelandic Literature Center Allocates New Funds for Literary Culture The Ministry of Education and Culture granted funds under a special short-term government investment initiative.
Literature May 28, 2020
The First Round of Icelandic Translation Grants are Awarded to a Vast Array of International Literature The Icelandic Literature Center has announced the first of its grant allocations for translations from eight languages into Icelandic.
Literature Apr 28, 2020
Nordic Literature Export Organizations Launch New Initiative to Encourage Translations The initiative will give a temporary 50% guarantee of grants for translations and is aimed to continue the translation of important literary works amid COVID-19
Literature Apr 14, 2020
Icelanders Are Trying To Break A Reading World Record! The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture is launching a reading project to beat a Guinness World Record by April 30.
Literature Apr 09, 2020
Enjoy a Reading from Icelandic Author Andri Snær Magnason! Children and adults alike will love this reading of Andri's award winning book, “The Story of the Blue Planet.”
Literature Mar 26, 2020
The Icelandic Literature Center’s “Books From Iceland” List is Out Now! The list includes top works across several genres and translated titles.
Literature Dec 10, 2019
Announcing the 2019 Icelandic Literature Prize Nominees Fifteen nominations include works from three different genres!
Literature Nov 21, 2019
We’re Bringing You the Latest News About Icelandic Literature! From award recipients to new translations, read on to get all the latest updates.
Literature, News Nov 01, 2019
The Iceland Writers Retreat Competition Is Now Open! One person will win free admission and stay at the Iceland Writers Retreat in 2020.
Literature Sep 30, 2019
These Translators Are Bringing Icelandic Literature to the Global Stage! Learn all about the translators helping Icelandic texts reach international audiences.
Literature Sep 24, 2019
Register for the First-Ever Iceland Readers Retreat! The new literature event from the Iceland Writers Retreat is perfect for passionate readers.