Nature & Environment Apr 06, 2021

Explore the South Coast Lighthouse Trail!

The travel route immerses visitors in rich Icelandic history, culture, and nature.

Are you interested in exploring Iceland’s South Coast and all that it has to offer? One of the best ways to experience the area’s rich history and culture is the Lighthouse Trail. An easy reach from Keflavik Airport, the 45-49km route reaches from the cove Selvogur to the Knarrarósviti lighthouse.

The trail’s name stems from the three lighthouses that form the route; Selvogsviti and Knarrarósviti, which mark the beginning and end of the route, and, Hafnarnesviti in Þorlákshöfn. The trail also takes visitors through three villages: Þorlákshöfn, Eyrarbakki, and Stokkseyri.

Visitors can soak up the significant history of fishing, trade, and life in each village and can even participate in activities in each village, including kayaking, taking rib-boat tours, and relaxing in swimming pools. There are also several museums and galleries to explore, and ATV tours and horse rentals. After a day of activities, a feast of flavors awaits at the village restaurants! Iceland’s coasts are known for top-quality seafood, and the South Coast will not disappoint. 

In addition to experiencing each village’s culture, history, and cuisine the Lighthouse Trail offers a wonderful and unique nature experience year-round. During the summer visitors can experience the midnight sun while listening to the sea and birds. And during winter visitors can see the starry sky shine, the moon reflecting in the ocean, and the northern lights dancing above.

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